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Get a filter or be the filter

Berkey Water Purifiers are the best available water filters for your home

The only freestanding flouride filter on the market

We have researched the marketplace for you

Takes out fluoride, toxic metals, chlorine, bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals

Safer drinking water for you and your family

Good quality and competitively priced

Berkey products will serve you fresh water for life

Approved by doctors at Gore Street Medical

And Hobart's holistic dentist,

Dr Dirk Jacobson

Popular Value Bundles

* Bundled Price Only


Black Berkey Purification Elements

Set of 2 purification elements including washers, wing nuts and priming button.


Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Elements

Set of 2  fluoride & arsenic reduction elements


Berkey really are the gold standard!


Here's a video introducing Berkey Water:

Here, check out this red food die example. Can your water purifier do this?

Due to a superior filtering process it takes longer to purify the water than cheaper competing products. Therefore, larger units are needed to store enough water for your needs.


Additionally, larger units can be fitted with additional filters to speed up the process and prolong the life of the filters.

Our Other Value Bundles

* Bundled Price Only


Why is Gore Street selling Berkeys?

We are pricing it to sell so that patients can benefit from this - if you find this product cheaper anywhere in Australia we will price-match and permanently lower our price for all customers. This is the cheapest price in Australia because we are providing it as a service to you. We believe that this product is needed by all of our customers, even if you are on tank water metals contamination is common and simple particle filters won't do the job.

Those with rain-only tank water can buy bundles without fluoride and arsenic reduction elements which are still beneficial to health as the purification elements remove bacteria, viruses and chemicals that are undesirable from the water.


According to Dr Peter Baratosy's book "It Could Still Be Your Thyroid": "We are living in a sea of halogens" like chlorine and fluoride, "halogens have an effect on the iodine metabolism." It is therefore not surprising that we detect sub-optimal thyroid function in so many patients. Even if your thyroid blood test is in the "normal range" patients still have clinical symptoms of low thyroid function - they feel better when their thyroid function is optimal not "in the normal range". 


Berkey Water Purifiers with a fluoride & arsenic reduction filter remove 99.75% of the fluoride from tap water*. They also strip out viruses, bacteria, chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals such as lead. A full independent test report can be found here.

It's important to note that while Berkey Water Purifiers strip out viruses, bacteria, and chemical compounds, they leave in helpful minerals.


As Gore Street Medical has imported these as a health service to our patients we guarantee we have the best prices in Australia for Berkey Water Purifiers and accessories.

Why a Berkey gravity based filtration system?
  • Far more cost effective than bottled water

  • Leaves in mineral elements your body needs.

  • Can be used anywhere

  • Can be used to make untreated water safe

  • Purification elements in Berkey Water systems are designed to process over 11,000 liters over the life of the element, lasting a normal household for 3-5 years

  • Fluoride and Arsenic reducers are designed to process over 3500 liters, lasting a normal household for 12-18 months

  • Perfect to have in the event of an emergency

What Berkey System will suit my needs?

Gore Street Medical is stocking the three sizes most appropriate to our patients:

1. Big Berkey (8.5L)

2. Royal Berkey (12.3L)

3. Crown Berkey (22L)

Note, some of the volume will be taken up by the filters. When deciding what size Berkey would suit your needs, a few factors need to be considered:

  • How many people in the household? Remembering each person needs 2-3L per day just in drinking water.

  • Will the household use the purified water for cooking, for example water in boiled/steamed vegetables, rice and so many other things. We recommend you only use Berkey purified water for cooking. 

  • How fast does the water flow? Well, with only two elements, very slowly. It will take several hours to process a full load. This is why we sell our larger systems with 4 or 6 elements.

  • The fluoride and arsenic reduction elements are in the lower chamber hence also reducing the available volume in the lower chamber by about 1L per pair.

We only recommend the Big Berkey to Singles or Couples and even then it's a bit of a stretch to use if for cooking. For small families of 3-4 people we recommend the Royal Berkey, as it has much more useful capacity, around 10L, but also because it processes water twice as fast as it has 4 elements not 2. Hence you can comfortably get usable amounts of water through in an hour or two making it much more suitable for drinking and cooking water. For larger households we of course recommend the Crown Berkey for the same reason, it's faster and bigger with around 19L of usable capacity and a very fast flow rate in comparison to the Big Berkey due to it having 6 elements not 2.

*under optimum conditions, 95% minimum reduction in fluoride in tests.

So what should be considered in the price?

As we, a medical practice, are providing Berkey water purifiers to our patients as a service to help improve the health of our patients we guarantee we have the most competitive prices in Australia.


It is important to note that, as the purification elements can process over 11,000L, they are naturally more expensive then systems available in your local supermarket. The real cost difference between the smaller and the larger models is the number of purification elements and fluoride & arsenic reduction elements. The price difference between just the metal is negligible. Remember, however, that as there are more elements, processing is faster and the system life cycle of the elements is longer because more elements do the same work. So hence, a system with 4 elements will process 22,000L and a system with 6 will process 33,000L before the purification elements need replacing. The same applies to the fluoride and arsenic reduction elements, in a system with 4 elements they need only be replaced every 7,000L, and with 6 elements they need to be replaced every 10,500L.


Replacement Berkey Black purifiers (set of 2) $220

Berkey Replacement Fluoride and Arsenic Reducer (set of 2) $89

At Gore Street Medical we believe in the importance of taking fluoride out of the water for your health and well-being, we have put together some packages which we guarantee are at the lowest prices in Australia.  Please note that bigger systems not only store more water, they process water much faster as they have more elements and the total amount of water the system can process before replacing the elements increases by the factor of the number of element pairs.


Please note that if you are on tank water however you regularly receive water deliveries (because rain isn't always as we'd like it to be), we advise you should buy the fluoride reduction elements and install them when using delivered water - you can of course remove them when they are not needed.

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What to do now you've got your fabulous new Berkey Water System!

First, prime your Black Berkey Purification Elements, this video shows you how and also shows you how to clean the filters:

How to prime and install your fluoride and arsenic reduction elements