We now TREAT allergies with BICOM bioresonance therapy. This in an evidence based treatment and is a special diagnostic and therapy procedure which has paved the way for a whole new approach to medicine. The basic principles of bioresonance therapy are confirmed by the latest findings in quantum mechanics and biophysics, however, they have not yet been accepted by the present doctrine. We are happy to supply you with the evidence for this treatment and further reading, also visit

These medical devices have produced some amazing results with all sorts of medical conditions. There are now more than 15,000 BICOM devices used in 80 countries. Have a look at the BICOM patient brochure. There is also a BICOM Optima Brochure, as well as Evidence Based Studies.

How does BICOM work?

Have a look at this video from Reson8

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Our Practitioners

Viola Hemm

Bowen Therapist, BICOM therapist and Naturopath

Viola Hemm is an experienced natural therapist originally trained in Germany as an osteopath and chiropractor. In Australia she works as a Bowen Therapist, Art Therapist and uses Bicom Bioresonance to treat allergies and musculoskeletal pain. Viola is also a Naturopath experienced in the use of Herbal medicines and mineral supplements.

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