Vitamin and Electrolyte Infusions

June 24, 2015



Dr Reinhard Hemm is now also working to provide infusions and B12 injections at Gore Street Medical. An excellent solution for people deficient in minerals such as magnesium and zinc that have poor intestinal absorption. Focusing on needle sensitive patients and young patients with the possibility of using a cream to numb the area before the infusion. Dr Hemm takes great care to make the experience as relaxing as possible using heat packs and carefully adjusting the infusion rate to make you comfortable. Consultation with Dr Reinhard Hemm to determine suitability of the treatment for you and to discuss the aim of treatment can be done on the day or at a prior appointment at no extra charge (up to 15 minutes) or at the standard rate for longer appointments.



  • Chelation therapy

  • Iron infusions



Prices range from 150$ to 300$ depending on the combination of nutrients you require. Injection B12 $30.

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