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May 16, 2017


Book in with Viola Hemm.

Initial Consultation $120. Follow up $80 per hour. Quit Smoking $250. Quit smoking BICOM plus Hypnotherapy $420. Concession rates are to be discussed individually.


Test and therapy using Bioresonance Therapy

  1. Testing for allergies, food intolerances, toxic substances,…as a result the often underlying causes of complaints can in many cases be discovered quickly.

  2. Treatment

In most cases an individual treatment plan is drawn up and possible complimentary measures discussed.

  1. Aim of the treatment is to reduce those influences causing the illness in order to activate the communication in the body. In most cases 4-6 treatments are needed.

  2. The BICOM treatment is painless. During treatment electrodes are placed on the patient who sits or lies down comfortably.

  3. The initial consultation takes up to 2 hours.

Follow up treatments are usually 75-90 Minutes.

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