As Recommended by Dr Dirk Jakobsen holistic dentist and Gore Street Medical: Berkey Water Filters

April 30, 2018

Article by Dr Reinhard Hemm


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Now in stock!


THE ONLY freestanding fluoride filter on the market!


Takes out the fluoride, chlorine, toxic chemicals, toxic metals, bacteria and viruses.


Approved by doctors at Gore Street Medical Center as well as Dr Dirk Jakobsen the holistic dentist in Hobart.


Good quality and reasonably priced.


We have done extensive research on your behalf comparing prices, functionality and reviews of water purification solutions from around the world. This is the product you want.  Berkey water purifiers are not easily available in Hobart so we, as a service to our patients to improve the health of our customers, have imported them from the USA.


 Please see our website page for full details on our fantastic Berkey water filters.


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