Jenny Chou now uses extensive DNA testing

Jenny Chou would like you to know that she has been increasing use of DNA testing of 55 genes to identify enzymes and liver detox pathways that are not working properly. She can then tailor advice precisely to the individual at the biochemical level together with her Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The test is taken with a simple mouth swap, results are delivered in around 10 working days. The test costs $299 and consultations regarding the results are claimable on your private health insurance in the same order as other consultations with Jenny.

The test & report includes genes that map to:

  • Vitamin A metabolism

  • Vitamin B12 absorption & transport

  • Vitamin C transport

  • Vitamin D

  • Methylation pathway including folate metabolism and homocysteine-methionine pathway

  • Transsulfuration pathway

  • Fatty acid related genes

  • Liver phase 1 detox-related genes

  • Liver phase 2 detox-related genes

  • Antioxidants

  • Neurotransmitters and mood

  • Blood pressure

  • Clotting factors

  • Hormone receptor and thyroid

The report looks like this:

You can download a sample report here:

Sample Report