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Viola Hemm: TeamMember

Bowen Therapist and Naturopath

Viola Hemm

I am an experienced naturopath originally trained in Germany and practiced osteopathy and chiropractic body work there.  Since moving to Australia I work as a Bowen therapist, naturopath, and painting therapist.

Viola can help you with:

  • Allergy Treatments

  • Back pain

  • Musculoskeletal pain and postural problems

  • Children's growing issues, posture issues and crying babies

  • Stress management, general discomfort, fatigue, digestive disturbances


Painting therapy for times where special support is needed i.e. times of change, puberty, menopause, grief, trauma, anxiety, and cancer support. However you don't have to be unwell to benefit from therapeutic painting.


Bowen Therapy
Bioresonance Therapy
Live Blood Screening
Back Pain, Muscular Pain
Family Health
Sleep disturbances
Trauma relief

Viola: Fees

To make an appointment call (03) 6224 6717

Ear candeling
Combined bodywork session
Painting therapy adult: Bundle of 3 x 75min sessions
$360 pre paid
Painting therapy session add on
Fees for children are lower, depending on age
Stop Smoking Bundle (one full session 75 min. plus two 45 min sessions)
$350 pre paid
Bowen Therapy
Initial naturopathic health assessment
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