Gore Street Practitioners

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    Jenny Chou

    Chinese Medicine practitioner Jenny Chou

    Jenny has recently moved to Tasmania from Adelaide, where she was involved in a thriving practice, to enjoy a quieter lifestyle here. She brings over 30 years of  experience in problem solving which includes 5 years in a Chinese hospital as an Pediatrician. She has been running a successful Chinese Medicine clinic in Adelaide and is currently in the transitional phase to working and living in Tasmania.

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    Peter Baratosy

    Dr Peter Baratosy is an Integrative GP  and Author of "Gut Feelings", "Death by Civilisation", "It Could Still be your Thyroid", You and Your Hormones” and "There Is Always an Alternative". He has recently settled in Tasmania from Adelaide where he gained 25 years experience  in treating chronic conditions using an integrative approach, he is especially interested in thyroid conditions, metabolic syndrome and hormonal issues in men and women gut problems including IBS and optimising diet for ulcerative colitis. He does very thorough thyroid assessmentsand adrenal health assessments and uses Bioidentical hormone replacement.

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    Viola Hemm

    Bowen Therapist and Naturopath

    I am an experienced natural therapists originally trained in Germany as an osteopath and chiropractor. In Australia I work as a Bowen Therapist, Art Therapist and use Bicom Bioresonance  to treat allergies and musculoskeletal pain. I am also a Naturopath experienced in the use of Herbal medicines and mineral supplements.

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    Dr Reinhard Hemm

    I'm interested in working with people that have high levels of inflammation from allergies, inflamed gut due to food intolerances, frequent infections due to low immunity, potential parasitic infections and high oxidative stress. I work with children that have ADHD, fatigue and problems concentrating and other behavioural problems that may have a nutritional or environmental component. I'm interested in hormones involved in weight loss and circadian sleep/wake cycle.

    There are usually many options available, and I prefer to try non-drug measures before resorting to the prescription pad. There is usually something that CAN be done to improve your condition either alongside treatment with medications or before medical drugs become necessary.

    There are always supportive measures that can help. 

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    Dr Linda Wilson

     Women's Health, Weight Management, Mental Health Issues, Balancing Hormones, Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management.  

    Dr Linda Wilson
    Hi everyone! I am back in Tassie, where I originally qualified as a medical doctor. I have spent 25 years developing my practice in Women's HealthBioidentical (natural) HormonesAnxietyDepression and Mental Health issues as well as Nutritional Health.


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    Dr Greg Schwarz

    Dr Schwarz is a medical practitioner focussing on integrative health care, targeted, individualised, holistic therapies for complex, chronic medical problems including cancer, autoimmune conditions,  inflammatory conditions, fatigue including ME/CFS/fibromyalgia, neurological conditions including autism and dementia support, gastro-intestinal conditions, allergies and food intolerances, recurrent and chronic infections, and general preventative health.


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