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Go barefoot outside?


Not likely

My feet are delicate, they are tender and might get hurt

Oh well….let’s give it a go

Months later my feet are tough

They know frost, hard baked earth and squelchy mud

They know sticks and stones and spiky she oak cones

They know the joy of the yielding earth after the rain

The playfulness of puddles

Sand between toes and the splash of surf

Yes, there has been slipping, stubbing, prickles, ant bites

And blood has been shed

But that’s ok

They have learnt to go with more care

Go mindfully they say

Go fearlessly they say

Connect with the Earth they say

I am so proud of my feet

Earthing is defined as direct skin contact with the Earth. I have been talking to my patients

about this practice for many, many years.

Studies have shown that regular Earthing can help reduce inflammation, lessen chronic

pain, improve sleep, mood and immunity, support healthy blood pressure levels and heart

health, speed up recovery from injury, calm down the flight and fight response and help us

cope with potentially harmful exposure to man made Electro Magnetic Radiation. It can

also help with jet lag and normalise the body’s Circadian Rhythm.

Nowadays there are special earthing mats, sheets and shoes that can be purchased to

assist those who say they have no time to go outside and Earth but it is my strong belief

that nothing beats the real you get to enjoy Nature and take a bit of Time Out

which are priorities in the busy lives we lead.

Earthing is simple, it is free and it is an effective adjunct to living a healthy life.


Dr Monica Henry is available for appointments at Gore Street Medical.


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