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Baby Bowen

Article by Viola Hemm.

The Bowen technique is a holistic remedial therapy focusing on soft and connective tissues commonly used for treating musucloskeletal or neurological conditions.

I have just been to the International Bowen Therapy Conference in Cairns. Georgi Ilchev, a Bowen Instructor from Bulgaria, spoke of the Research of the Bulgarian Bowen Association into the effectiveness of the "Baby Bowen Procedure" for baby colic.

The results were very positive and inspiring!

Colic is often sharp abdominal pain caused by wind or abdominal spasm. The onset is often in the first weeks after birth until 5-6 months, sometimes longer.


  • Crying in pain can last for hours every day, often the same time of day (often late afternoon);

  • Pulling the legs towards the abdomen;

  • Distended firm abdomen during colic.

There is no scientifically proven reason for baby colic but many theories:

  • Immature digestive system

  • Wind trapped in intestinal tract

  • Antibiotics

  • Constipation

  • Food issues leading to excessive gas, bloating and abdominal pain

  • Emotional state of the breastfeeding mother

  • Immature nervous system, etc..

Bowen Therapy improves Baby colic significantly already after 1-3 treatments.

My Baby Bowen procedure includes the mother. The Mother is asked to bring the Baby and a babysitter. The Baby gets a treatment and goes with the babysitter for a walk. Then the mother gets her Bowen treatment for relaxation.

Only the mother pays for her Bowen treatment.

Cost: Bowen Therapy session $90; concession $80

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