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Balance your hormones naturally

Article by Jenny Chou Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCM)

Women’s hormone cycles are like relatives - you can’t choose them! If there is a hormone imbalance – it is like an unwanted relative coming to visit on a regular basis, the cycle time will give you so much grief!

Chinese Medicine (CM) has rich knowledge and time-tested treatment guidelines for balancing hormone problems. It is the most shockingly effective treatment ever discovered. It is massively more effective than synthetic drugs and here is the proof:

Western Medicine (WM), uses synthetic hormone analogues to correct hormone levels but does not address the underlying reason for the imbalance and also has significant side effects.

It is amazing to see significant clinical improvements in hormone balance without any artificial chemicals. Chinese Medicine works by balancing meridians that regulate hormone balance (2) especially Liver, Kidney and Spleen meridians. For Example the life forces in the physical liver give rise to a more ethereal energy that flows along very defined paths in the body and is then responsible for a range of activities - its called the Liver Meridian. Premenstrual symptoms in CM are called “Liver Qi stagnation”. It is not surprising that it has recently been discovered that the liver does actually play an important part in breaking down excess hormones. If the liver is not doing its job properly then the liver meridian which runs through our rib cage and breast over where the physical liver is located becomes deranged and can’t regulate functions around the body. To characterise the nature of this derangement or imbalance the TCM practitioner listens to the patient and examines them and can recognise patterns in terms of too much or too little Yin and Yang. Balance will be restored by stimulation or toning down this meridian’s yin and yang energy to create balance.

When meridians work in harmony, our hormone system will achieve the natural and optimal balance. In most cases, women also feel much better in other aspects of their health.

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