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Gut Health: Oxalates - What are they and how they can affect you?

Article by: Dr Peter Baratosy MB BS FACNEM

“What is food to one, is to others bitter poison”

-- Lucretius (96 BC – 55 BC)

Many may have never heard about oxalates – What are they? What does it matter? Is this another of those food fads that comes ever-so-regularly?

What are oxalates? What does that have to do with Gut Health?

Oxalates are a common food component – we all eat them – so why do some have issues with them? Some may not even know that oxalates are the cause of their problem. Basically, they are crystals and one of their features is that they have pointy sharp edges – like small razor blades! They are generally indigestible by humans and generally remain in the gut before being pooped out! A normal healthy gut will resist absorbing them – on the other hand, an unhealthy gut can absorb these razor sharp crystals and we can only guess what damage they can cause - imagine a razor sharp crystal floating in the body...