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Dr Linda Wilson Back in Hobart!

Hi everyone! I am back in Tassie, where I originally qualified as a medical doctor. I have spent 25 years developing my practice in Women's Health, Bioidentical Hormone therapy in a preferably natural way, Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health issues as well as Nutritional Health.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and my real passion is Weight Loss for both, women and men. I also do Weight Loss Workshops.

After being stuck in the diet treadmill for 10 years I discovered through researching the topic that Fad Diets are tedious, frustrating and proven not to work.

It is possible to live a healthy life by replacing nutrient deficiencies though supplements and nutrient dense diets. You can also influence weight by balancing hormones and use hypnotherapy to find the right mind space for effective exercise, to gain self-confidence and to feel comfortable within your body.

New Patients Welcome!

I am working at Gore Street Medical, the Integrative Medical Center in South Hobart.

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