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Do You Have An Underlying Imbalance?

Case Study by Jenny Chou.

Often people ring and ask - do you treat fatigue, no energy, lethargic and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It is a such complicated and broad question so it isn't a yes/no or black and white answer.

Most people have done their homework, knowing it caused by their anaemic, hypothyroidism, adrenaline exhaustion, hypoglycaemia. Treating it accordingly, but many people do not have a formal diagnosis or understanding what caused their low energy? Low energy in Chinese Medicine (CM) concept is Qi (life/energetic force) out of balance.

But there are many reasons, including: 1. Qi deficient 2. Blood deficient 3. Yang energy deficient in Stomach Channel or Spleen or Lung or Kidney Channels. 4. Yin energy deficient in Liver Channel or Heart or Kidney Channels. 5. Qi excess (too much) in Lung Channel or in the Larger Intestine or the Stomach or the Spleen or Kidney Channels. 6. Qi blocked in Liver Channel or Lung or Larger Intestine or Heart or Kidney Channels. For some people, according to TCM, they have a weak constitution so they were born with some weaknesses, currently there are some genetic tests such as MHTFR, APO E 3/4, 4/4 unveil the causes, but maybe there is a lots more that hasn't been discovered yet.

So here you go, CM practitioners need to work out the under layer causes to make a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Case One

Young lady 25 years old, hasn’t had much energy for very long time, after checking her pulses and tongue, plus her clinic questionnaires, my diagnosis for her is -

  • Liver Blood deficient

  • Stomach Qi deficient