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Bowen Therapy

A gentle manual therapy that works on the connective tissue and balances the body. Bowen treatments are deeply relaxing. Gentle moves are performed with waiting times in-between to allow the body to respond. Bowen therapy addresses Muscular Skeletal issues like back and joint pain, shoulder issues, growing issues, bad posture etc. Crying babies may need a "Baby Bowen".

Bowen Therapy is also helpful to assist recovery after illness, operations or stroke.

Stress related disturbances of the body balance like muscle tension, spasms, sleep disturbances, anxiety and restlessness respond very well to Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy can be used to assist with trauma relief with a special technique called "Mind Body & Bowen". After a series of those Specialised Bowen Treatments (approx. 90 minutes each) Viola may do some painting therapy with you as a follow up. A Bowen Therapy treatment costs $80 and takes usually 1 hour.

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