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Welcoming Dr Peter Baratosy and Jenny Chou

We are pleased to welcome integrative GP Dr Peter Baratosy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Jenny Chou who have relocated from Adelaide to start working at Gore Street Medical.

Peter has a wealth of experience in comprehensive thyroid, adrenal and wider hormone assessment and bioidentical hormone replace-ment, optimising cortisol levels, treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic infections and im-mune optimisation. He has lectured at the ACNEM Medical College on Intestinal health, diabetes and inflammatory conditions. He is experienced in combining pharmaceuticals and nutrient supplements for better effect to reduced dosage requirements and to reduce side effects such as weight gain and sleep disorder.

He uses Metagenics and other supplements for supporting organ systems and restoring nutritional status. He is also an author and his books regarding hormones and nutrition are available from Gore Street Reception.

Jenny is an accomplished and experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Having Recently finished work at her busy Adelaide practice we are now lucky to have one of very few TCMs that are skilled at acupuncture and also Chinese herbal medicine dispensing her own herb on site.

Jenny has a huge patient base in Adelaide and still goes back for one week every month to lead her Adelaide Chinese Medicine Practice in decision making and to see the most difficult patient cases and to edu-cate the other practitioners there. Jenny has been a TCM board mem-ber for many years in order to guide the development of TCM in Australia. In Traditional Chinese Medicine the treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs based on their individual constitution and the real skill lies in patient assessment and matching treatments to needs as treat-ments only work if they fit. In TCM the treatment is not for the illness, the treatment is actually for the patient.

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