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It could still be your thyroid

Case Report by Dr Peter Baratosy MB BS FACNEM

A new patient comes to see me. She is over-weight, tired, cold. No matter what she does – she continues to put on weight. She is tired all the time, is sleeping too much. She is constipated, dry skin, dry hair, losing hair. She has cold hands and feet. She has a strong Family History of Hypothyroidism – underactive thyroid. She has seen her local GP and all tests are normal.

She has done her reading on “Dr Google” and she has all the signs of Hypothyroidism. She sees her doctor again to complain – but the doctor says it is not hypothyroidism because her thyroid tests are normal. The doctor suggests that she is depressed and offers a prescription for anti-depressant medication.

A similar scenario happens when a person is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, treated with the standard replacement therapy – Thyroxine – but they protest that they still do not feel well. They complain to their doctor but they are dismissed because the blood test has now become normal.