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Low Energy

Report by Dr Linda Wilson.

Picture featured is not of the person in question.

Jackie is 32 years old, she has been a chronic dieter for the past four years. She works out in the gym three or four times a week. She is in a very stressful job and regularly works to 7pm.

Despite Jackie’s conscious effort to control her diet, she has stopped losing weight. In the past 12 months she lost no weight. She still wants to lose 7 kg. She is exhausted, she feels like she is always dragging her feet and that everything is an effort. She notices that her skin is dry, her hair is dry and her nails are brittle.

She admits to being constipated.

Her diet consists of;

  • Low fat yoghurt and fruit for breakfast.

  • Ryvita biscuits, Salad with low fat oil for lunch.

  • For dinner she has stir fries vegetables using a spray on oil.

Occasionally she is so hungry and tired that she binges on chocolates.

Immediately from Jackie’s symptoms and diet I can tell that she is very depleted in both protein and essential fatty acids (EFAs).

Although she is afraid to gain weight she agrees to use full fat yoghurt and add avocados, fish, nuts and EFA supplements. ‘Low fat’ and ‘artificial sweeteners’ are not healthy choices, they are unreal and unnatural.

Jackie’s symptoms improve by about 40% in 3 weeks. She has much more energy. After 2 months she is feeling even better and is able to start making lifestyle changes.

We address hormonal imbalance through supplements, diet and lifestyle. She also has a short course in hypnosis to free subconscious blocks to living lighter.

In 6 months Jackie is really pleased to have lost 3 kg at last and is feeling vibrant.

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