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Disturbing Menopausal Symptoms

Report by Dr Linda Wilson. Picture featured is not of the patient in question.

Marie is a 54 year old married lady with quite disturbing menopausal symptoms. She has severe hot sweats most nights for 10 months resulting in chronic sleep deprivation. She is now extremely fatigued, moody and irritable. She also has brain fog. We discuss lifestyle changes that will help – for example regular exercise can reduce hot flushes by over 30%. I measure a full hormone profile – the three Oestrogens, Progesterone DHEA (male hormone) and Testosterone. We discuss the possibility of using herbs, but Marie is really at the end of her tether and would like quicker symptom relief.

Since Marie has no contraindications to the use of hormones she decides to try bioidentical hormones. Theses hormones are made from wild yam and soy and are identical to the body’s own hormones. Since Marie’s testosterone is very low and she has symptoms of low energy, poor muscle tone, weight gain and low libido I add testosterone to her hormone prescription.

In 2 weeks Marie is completely free of hot sweats, and is sleeping well. She is still suffering from some fatigue.Over the next four months her fatigue and other symptoms improve with good regular sleep.

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